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Emissions of climate-damaging carbon dioxide to be reduced significantly

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Drained swamps are to be made available for agriculture. At the University of Greifswald, now a research project was started to work on together scientists from five states with representatives of small and medium-sized companies in the construction, energy and agriculture, such as the University announced on Friday. The project will be funded by the Federal Ministry of Research, with four million euros and covers an experimental area of more than 100,000 acres in eastern Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The transformation of the swamps could the otherwise very high emissions of climate-damaging carbon dioxide are significantly reduced, said the university continues. Moreover, could the land for the cultivation of high-quality raw materials like reeds, grass and cattails are used. These are coveted by both to produce bioenergy, as suitable as a natural building material. Also, new management practices such as the grazing land by the water buffalo are conceivable.

The project office also represents a technical challenge, as traditional farming tools were not suitable for the moist soil. A lightweight tracked vehicle such as the reed harvest is already developed, followed by other new harvesting and processing equipment are. Also wanted to show that the farming of moorland a positive effect on the economy in underdeveloped regions, and could work against the creation of job migration.

In addition, Greifswald on the project are also feasibility studies and pilot projects in Belarus, China and Indonesia planned. The research is initially for three years.


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